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What Are You Looking for in Your Christmas Crackers?

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No Christmas dinner is complete without Christmas crackers on the table. For a small family gathering then you can easily secure a standard box of crackers from your local store but if you need to buy wholesale Christmas crackers or if you are looking for a custom Christmas cracker design then a different solution is required. In most cases, the best way to find what you need for a large event is to look for a company that specialises in providing wholesale Christmas crackers and other accessories for corporate events.

What do you want from your crackers?

With a Christmas cracker, there are three things that most people will expect. A snap or a bang when the cracker is pulled, and then inside the cracker a paper hat, a joke or motto and a small gift. Without these three things, no Christmas cracker can be considered complete. When it comes to crackers for a major event then perhaps your expectations are set a little higher than normal. You might want a higher value of gift within each cracker, or maybe you want to customise the exterior of the cracker to suit the colour scheme or theme of your event.

What could you customise?

Most suppliers of wholesale Christmas crackers will allow you to make a range of customisations so that your crackers become ideally suited to your needs. Crackers are available in a range of colour schemes. Gold, silver and red are considered particularly Christmassy but often you could ask for branded printing on the exterior of the cracker. To match the colour of the cracker you could also make your own choice of ribbon colour and length. Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the outside of the cracker you should ask the supplier about the types of gift are available to go inside your crackers. Talk to your supplier and find out if they are able to offer personalised gifts for the crackers or even include branding on the paper hats.

Questions to ask your supplier of wholesale Christmas crackers

It's easy to get so caught up in the customisation of your crackers that you forget to ask the practical questions. It's important that you find out from the supplier what the minimum order number is for your personalised crackers and what the cost per cracker will be. You will also want to know how far in advance of your event you should order them and what the expected delivery schedule will be.